• We show several options for hairstyles.
  • We will help you to choose a perfect color.


  • Look after
  • Wash
  • Untwist


  • For all hair types
  • From 6 cm long
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Month
  • Day
  • Hour

Petr Dmitriev’s Braiding Studio

We braid an afro-hairstyle of any type and complexity! Experienced master will help you choose the best option for braids, their color, length and texture. The studio is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, 5 minutes from Nevsky Avenue. Visit us for a free consultation! We work on a flexible schedule, do not forget to notify us of your visit in advance! Phone: + 7 911 925 40 80.


  • City center.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Professional masters.
  • Individual approach.
  • Lively atmosphere.
  • Unrivaled quality.


    In our studio you can braid any type of African hairstyle: classic afro-braids, box braids, braids on the head, dreadlocks, de-dreads and much more! We weave male braids and dreadlocks, and female. We will help you choose the right shade and type of artificial hair (kanekalon) that is best for your hairstyle. We explain how to care for the hairstyle in the process of wearing and even how to unbraid it yourself. Or you can always come and we unbraid in for you!

    студия брейдинга в санкт-петербурге

    студия плетения в санкт-петербурге

    The most popular types of braiding hairstyles.


    Classical african braids, any color, thickness and length.



    Men’s braids of any type, color and complexity.



    Braids on the head of any type, color and complexity.



    Natural or kanekalon dreads of any thickness, length and texture.


    Frequently asked questions about BRAIDART Studio:

      How to get to BRAIDART studio?
      We are located in St. Petersburg, embankment Riv Moyka, 9 (5 minutes from Nevsky Prospekt metro station). You can find detailed instructions in the Contacts section.
      What is your work schedule?
      We have a flexible schedule and work by appointment, so if you are going to visit us, book an appointment by phone. +7-911-925-4080.
      Can I order a photo shoot from you?
    Oh sure! We take pictures of our hairstyles with great pleasure, and we will help you capture this bright moment in spectacular frames. You can also find out the conditions by our phone or in any of the instant messengers.
      How long should my hair be for braiding?
      Each hairstyle needs a different minimum length, come for a consultation, the master will tell you more. We would recommend weaving on hair with a length of 8-10 cm!

    Feedback from our customers

    The studio is not far from the metro, bright and comfortable, the guys are masters of their craft!

    Vasilyeva Nastya

    Braided by the guys in the studio, really liked it! I found them on the Internet with the simple request of "Afro-braids in St. Petersburg", and I’m very glad that I've found them - the quality is up to par, and it was interesting to communicate)

    I braided dreadlocks on the undercut, enjoyed it.

    Zinoviev Oleg
    Initially, I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to braid, but at the consultation we considered various options and settled on classic dreadlocks with extension - the hairstyle turned out to be very convenient. I will come for the corection after six months.

    I did braids in this studio, I really liked it!

    Marinina Nastya
    I urgently needed a hairstyle before my vacation, I am very glad that I found this studio! They braided literally the next day, I didn’t even think that I would find where to braid african braids in St. Petersburg so quickly, efficiently and brightly! I will definitely come again)

    African hairstyles

    We weave hairstyles of any complexity, from simple straight braids and frame hairstyles to the finest patterns of micro-braids (micro-braiding). Each of our work is the result of an individual approach to the client, therefore, we always recommend that you first come for a consultation and discuss with the master all the details of your future hairstyle (all consultations are free!). And if you still doubt the choice, then at the consultation our master will help you decide, tell you about the features of each type of hairstyle, the term of their wear, the possibility of correction and other subtleties. Our studio employs masters with great experience, who own different techniques and love their job. We are responsible for the quality of our work!


    St. Petersburg, embankment Riv Moyka, 9

    Still have questions?

      Braids in St. Petersburg

      You can make any kind of braids in our studio. For example, thick, braided tapered African braids are box braids. Or a lot of thin afro-braids with any color transitions, even fluorescent. Or, for example, a variation of classic African braids that is now popular with men – short afro braids on the undererkat zone. We also weave any braids (braids on the head, French braids): from our hair or with Kanekalon, straight braids or patterns, braids in the tail or “sphinx” (a combination of braids on the head and classic afro braids). We also weave frame hairstyles (a quick version of weaving, when the frame is braided from braids and ready-made braids or spirals are attached to it), you can choose from our ready-made sets or make it to order. Weave so-called “natural” dreadlocks – dreadlocks from your hair, all over your head, or just on the undercut or nape area. If your hair is too short, then dreadlocks from your hair can always be lengthened with kanekalon, natural or colored. We also weave the so-called “safe” dreadlocks, or de-dreadlocks, this is when ready-made dreadlocks are braided in a special way that does not injure your own hair. Such dreadlocks are worn from a month to two, then they are easily braided without harm to the hair, and the kit can be woven then many times.

      As you can see, there are a lot of options for how you can change your appearance! Come, we will choose the one that suits you!

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